The Story

About Lily and Rose

My approach to jewellery is very personal. At each stage of my life the inspiration behind my work has changed to reflect new influences and new ways of thinking. I have always tried to translate a mood drawing on my own creativity. The Lily and Rose brand comes from my love for timeless vintage, craftsmanship and couture dresses. My journey started in 2007 with my couture line Zetterberg Couture. Now I spend most of my time in the Swedish archipelago, in an old and ragged but beautiful house. Island life can be romantic, mysterious and rough at the same time. It suits me. It gives me inspiration. The more time I spend on the island, the more I get inspired. Nature and fairytales have always attracted me, so the move from a city apartment to the island house 7 years ago have given me a feeling of stepping back in time. One of my greatest inspirations is colour.

My trademark is a bold combination of playfulness, wearability and glamour. Finally, jewellery is about character: passion and humour of the craftsman, the designer and the woman who will ultimately wear it, creating amazing jewellery for remarkable women.

Therese Zetterberg / designer & creative director